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Google is our best friend for searching since the world of internet started. The giant search engine now allow its Android users to voice search on their Android smartphones by relationship terms replacement of name searches.

You can simply find the contacts on your Android using the voice search with particular familial connect to you in the relationship field. Its just simple as that if you want to want to call your mother just simply say "call mom" or "call mother" just like that you can "call dad", "call sister", "call brother" and more option. If you like to have the option the first thing you will need to do is allow Google voice search app to access your contacts and the profile information attached to each of your contacts.
Relationships voice search

If you are interested in setting up this capability on your own smartphone, than it is very simple by following below steps.

  1. Firstly, Open your Google Now and tap on the microphone button at the top (or use the OK Google hotword)
  2. Now speak or say "Call my mom" instead of mom you can say any other relationship terms. appended by the person you would like to call.(ex:Grandmother, sister, father)
  3. If you have yet to assign a relationship to that name, you will be promoted again to speak the person's name.
  4. Simply just Tap on the Person's name, or just pick from your contacts manually.
  5. If there are multiple numbers associated with the same contact, select the one you proffered number for voice dialing or internet dialing.

That's all you need to do, now you can simply call any of your relatives, families simply by the relationship names rather than the name of the people to perform voice search call. Sure, Google will soon update the version and there will be more terms and options for you comming.

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