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If any device comes with waterproof guarantee it becomes one of the best product on the market. We love music everywhere to anywhere, so Sony brings us the best waterproof mp3 music player. If companies gives you waterproof guarantee of their product, it doesn't mean that you are going to test them by water. But, Sony brings you the choice because you can by the new Sony's Mp3 Music later immersed inside a bottle of water.

The device was launched a while ago, but currently Sony decided to market the product in New Zealand and they came up with the Bottled Walkman, which is sold from vending machines in public places such as gyms shopping malls etc. There are not a bit difference between any mp3 players and The sony Walkman music mp3 system, but the system gives you the option to listen to music, while you are in shower, sweating, swimming etc.
Walkman inside bottle

Here's the video of the new Sony Waterproof Walkman mp3 player inside water bottle

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