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Are you having trouble with login in Facebook account ?
Facebook is one largest giant social network in history with billions of users worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the website in 2004 and and it has completed its 10th year anniversary few weeks ago. With one of the strongest and entertaining your own social media Look Back video that gives a small description of your Facebook life.

When you are associated somewhere definitely popular, it is obviously the security system will be very tight to secure your account.However, you might have faced login issues. There are lot of different factors as dexterously that could along with you not to login your personal Facebook account, are you bitter ? don't be because you have to assuage to locate out all solutions.

Before you continue reading, make sure you have enter your password current. You need to enter your password careful while typing it, and if still you are failed type the code to notepad and copy paste the password to Facebook password field. Always check about caps lock.

If my password is not correct and can't access to my account what should i do ?
In case of you forget your password, you are required to request a new password from Facebook. To do that simply visit Here and enter your email address you registered your account and press search. Then you can simply send the new password request to your email account and change your password of Facebook acount.

If I forgot my email address what should i do ?
In case of you forget your email address that you have used to on the time of registration. You can simply access to your account by entering your phone number if you have verified your mobile number with Faceboook. Simply enter your number as above link and request your password.

What if I forgot both of my Email address and Phone number ?
If you have forgot both, Email and Phone than you will required to enter your profile name. For example if your name is John Carter enter the name as the above link given and select your profile from the pictures showing and request your password.

Sometimes cache or browser history could be an issue ?
Yes sometimes in some cases for some browser difficulties you will not able to access your account. So, if you have tried all the above instruction than clear your browser cache or history.

What if JavaScript is disabled ?
In case of your JavaScript is disable on your browser, Facebook might not support sign-in to your account.

What if my browser cookies are disabled ?
Facebook need your cookies to recognize and save it on their database. So you are required to enabled cookies on your browser to access to Facebook. In case of your cookies are disabled, you can simply change your browser settings and make the cookies enabled.

Can antivirus or malware software could be a reason?
Some antivirus, malware utilities might create problem while you are entering your details to any website. It do not happen to all the time but by mistake you could have restricted Facebook in your antivirus. Sometimes you could even effect by malwares so it is very important to scan your PC.

Sometimes restarting PC can help to solve the problem ?
It is not mandatory that you required to restart your PC to solve the issue. But, sometimes when you complete an update to windows, software etc and installed them, that might have disabled some of the functionality running on background. So, if you still couldn't access to your account you can simply try this method to solve the issue.

Still can't access, I don't think i have any issue, how may i take help from Facebook ?
You can simply report to Facebook that you cannot access to your account and get a reply very soon. You need to give your details on Report Page your account details, the problem you are facing with details, and if possible screenshot would be more helpful to Facebook to understand your problem and resolve it fast.
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