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You are having trouble accessing your account ? do you want to know more about marketing your products on Facebook ? now for every request Facebook have several teams to help you out. Facebook is currently holding one third of the world population with all their information, pictures, videos, important notes, pages, groups and obviously their updates as well. But, in case if you are hacked by someone unknown and can't have access to your account, you will need to help it to recover it.

There are several reasons that we would like to contact Facebook help team directly even via phone to get assistance. It could be if someone hacked your account, if someone is spamming on your profile, if you are profile deactivated for unknown reasons, if you want to report an infraction, someone is trying to access your account, you can't access your account for unknown reasons and after everything you just don't want to use the account anymore and would like to delete it permanently.
Contact Facebok
There are actually several ways that you can request help from Facebook team. You can directly call them to Facebook help line, email, contact forms, contact via pages, contact via other social media, postal address, contact headquarter, contact regional offices and more. You can reach to Facebook support team for fast assistance.

Phone Call Directly To Facebook
You can directly call to Facebook customer care service for any help/assistance. There are many people in Facebook support team to help you out. Contact Facebook By Phone Call : (650) 543-4800. If you are outside of USA you will need add country code of U.S +1 before the number.
Contact Facebook by Phone

How to process Facebook Customer Care Service
  • Firstly, Facebook support team will not accept your call for direct assistance. You will required to follow few prompts to reach specific department for help. If you are calling for security issues then you have to choose security department and if any other reasons like analytic, marketing, account help etc.
  • Land to the least of your concerned department and leave your desire message there.
Before you contact Facebook by phone you should know that Facebook is a internet based firm so they mostly resolved all issues mostly through emails and contact forms. So, it is better to contact them via email or contact form for faster assistance.

Contact Facebook Via Email
Email support is one of the fastest way for assistance. Facebook has several emails assigned for specific department's customer care service. Before you sending any email to Facebook you must have to specific the department so make sure you are contacting the current department. If you request help to any incorrect department, with in a very short time you will receive an auto respond message that you request department is not current so you will not get any reply at all. So, check the email address before you send any email to Facebook for assistance.
Contact Facebook By Email

  • - If you need any information about Facebook.
  • - For any unknown warnings.
  • - Having trouble for signing in or any login issues. 
  • - If your account is disabled by mistake contact to enable it.
  • - Privacy related help.
  • - Email for any support.
  • - Email for appeals.
Emails Support for other assistance On Facebook
  • - If you need any assitance email to Help Desk.
  • - Contact Facebook if you having any financial issues.
  • - Need help with Facebook Press Service / PR.
  • - Request to access your personal data on Facebook.
  • - If someone is abusing your photos, or any people you know or anything related to abuse.
  • and - Contact Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (half credible information).  

Contact Facebook By Contact Forms
If is one of the largest social network with people's personal information, personal moments, personal life and more. So it is possible that people need more help and support from Facebook team. So, finally Facebook understand its users need and separated email contact forms for normal users so users can easily Contact Facebook team to get all needed details about certain issue/problem. Contact forms support is one of the fastest way to solve your problem or issue with fastest replies.
Contact Facebook By Contact Forms
Contact Facebook By Other Social Networks
Facebook is also a brand so it does not want to hurt it reputation at all. If you are reporting any issues related to Facebook directly from all other social community not in Facebook, and made it public than Facebook will answer your question fast and help you to solve the issue. You can easily contact Facebook Twitter page :
Facebook Twitter Page

Contact Facebook Through Postal Addresses
If you are failed or not willing to contact Facebook team by all the ways mentioned above there is also another good option for you that you can simply contact them via postal mails. But, before contacting directly to postal address as we have mentioned earlier Facebook is a internet based firm so better to avoid these traditional ways and contact through Facebook contact forms, email addresses. However, if you are longing to visit Facebook headquarters, here are their personal addresses and regional based addresses.

Contact Facebook Headquater

Facebook head office or Headquaterter:
Faceook, Inc
1601 S. California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Contact Facebook UK Office:
42 Earlham Street
WC2H 9LJ London
United Kingdom

Contact Facebook India Office: 

Facebook India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
Building no. 14, Raheja Mindspace
Hi-tech City Main Rd, Vittal Rao Nagar, Hitech City, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Contact Facebook Ireland Office:
Hanover Reach 5-7
Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland

For Facebook Law Enforcement Response Team:
Facebook Email :
Facebook United States Mail Address: 18 Hacker Way, Menlo Park CA 94025
Facebook United States Fax: +1 650 472-8007

If you have any other contact details about Facebook let us know via comments.


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