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I know it is really pain when you try to print your photos from smartphone. But Today, we are going to share a very exciting project with you called Kickstarter Project Flag by Gizmodo that want to make it easier for you to print your photos, in terms of the money you are spending out of your own wallet, its free.All you need to do is just look some of their advertisement, and to have some of your information provided to marketers. and 20 physical photographs of yours you can grab every month.

Now we are going to explain you how it works and how you get this : Flag is an app that promises you that you will get 20 high-quality, 4x6 prints from your smartphone each month for free of charge. The app connects to your smartphone's camera and roll and other social media photo feeds as well, now organizing them for you on the screen. It means it will grab all your photo and organize them on their app screen.Now all you need to do is select 20 of the best photos of yours that you would like to print, not only that using the app you can edit, crop add borders to your photos. When you are done with your selection, all you need to do is tap on the Print.
Free Photo Printing App

Then you will need to wait a few days, when the company will complete your photo printing they will send it to your mail directly at your door, knock knock your photos just arrived, printed on museum quality laser-cut photo stock.

Now what they will get by sending you the printed photos for free ? well each of the photo will comes with an ad on the back side, you glace at it, and then the photo goes in the frame, and you never have to look at it again. The advertiser gives your bill for the photos.
free print 20 photos every month

The ads on the back side of the photos may QR code, which can scan and log within Apple's Passbook App, which use your zip code to offer discounted deals at your area, If the prospect of that information being sold to advertisers and marketers doesn't bother you, then Flag sound like a pretty great deal for everyone and its not for one time. You can grab the service every month.

Sam Agboola founder of Flag service promises "Advertisers will not be able to see users photos, or know their personal information, No names, No addresses and anything else. All the targeting will be on aggregated data. You will be able to advertise to people in a zip code, you won't be able to advertise to Toukir Rahman Of 12th Street New York"
Print your photos for free

Ordering a similar, ad-free set of 20 4×6 prints from CVS’s website would set you back only about $6. But, hey, maybe that’s not on special “museum quality” stock? Not to mention, most of the great photos we take on our mobile devices remain buried away in folders or social feeds, always at risk of being lost with our (un-backed-up) smartphones. So it’s convenient that this service comes in app form. The less effort I need to make to do stuff like this, the better.

Now when you are starting the KIckstarter project, first you will be able to access to the beta version of the app, and all the money you invest goes into paying for any special features you do like to add to your photo prints, for example creating custom postcards, ordering larger prints or adding rounded edges. Back it now and you could be swimming in a bathtub of free photos by this July.

I know it is very interesting isn't it. If you have more freebies offer like these please let us know.

App Link

This service is only available for US.

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