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Android the leading mobile operating system, and Google Play Store is the only secured place to download millions of apps uploaded by different developers around the world. You can have different apps on your Android smartphone for example: messaging, emailing, calling, fun, games, health and more. Azumio brings you a new and unique app called Instant Heart Rate Monitoring App that let you track down your fitness and health anytime with your smartphone camera lens. After getting the perfect results you can easily optimize and improve it.

How Instant Heart Rate Works ?
Instant Heart Rate app is one of the most advanced heart rate monitor app developed by Azumio to track down and measure your heart rate, you might be sightly different than your actual heart beat rate.All you need to do is put your fingertip on your camera lens for a couple of seconds, that give the app ability to monitor your heart. Within just few seconds the app will generate your heart rate on a graph on the screen. It shows real-time PPG graph and you can easily monitor your cardio workout. It is one of the best cardio app with most responsive reviews.
The way it works is just so simple as it is. It just track down your finger color changes as the capillaries expands and contracts with every heart beat through your camera lens to track your heart beat rate easily. If your camera comes with a build in flash light then it will turn on the flash light automatically and keeps it on for few seconds until it finishes to monitor for the best results. The light is important because it need light to see the clear changes of your finger colors. If you don't have flash light make take your finger near to a place where enough light is available.

The way is used by the medical pulse oximeters that fit over your finger normally in hospitals.
Efficiency of Instant Heart Rate App ?
Instant Heart Rate is one of the top rated and awarded for the best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011. It gives you very accurate and reliable results. It works very fast and gives you results just with in 10 seconds. It also updates you about your heart condition and gives you results in a very easy to understand graphical display.

The app comes with heart rate timeline tracking, sharing on social network, and a reference chart. So, you will able to keep an timeline of your heartbeat chart for your personal tracking and reference. You can also share your results on Facebook and then later on analyses them and let your friends know about it. You will required to register an account with Azumio Accounts to have access all the features of the app.

How to Install Instant Heart Rate ?
Instant Heart Rate is a free app to download, but if you required a ads-free app then you need to buy it. You can simply download and install it from Google Play Store for Android and from iStore for iOS device. Every time you measure your pulse or heart beat, you can add some extra taglines or information with it so that it can help you in future reference. For example some per-existing tags such as : Before Bed, Just Woke Up, Tired, Exercising, Resting, Relaxing etc.

If you want you can use your own custom tags. If you want you can take your heart beat or pulse and then would like to document it, you can easily add notes to monitored results, they many help you for more information and compare your results time to time in future. When you will have enough of previous data about your heart beat then you can graph the results to see how your trends.

How to Download Instant Heart Rate ?
As we have mentioned before that the app is avaible on both Android and iOS version so you can simply download it from the following links:
Instant Heart Rate Google Play Store for Android
Instant Heart Rate iStore for iOS

Note: If you are a health conscious person that would like to track your heart beat rate frequently than it is the best app for you. The results it show might not perfectly accurate. It is just simple as that you need to put your fingers on the camera lens for 10 seconds. Remember to keep your finger in good light, if you already have flash on your phone then you don't need any because flash will create enough lights.

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