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Flappy Bird is one of the recent smashing iPhone game which had got huge audiance with big hit, a very easy and simple retro-styled pixel-art game with a flying bird, you might be thinking its similar with Angry Birds, then in short you are right, but truly you are wrong. Finally the most amazing game Flappy Bird has arrived for Android Platform, and if you have ever wanted to kill a few minutes of your busy time playing a ridiculously addictive game, this one is the perfect option. Just do not continue playing it for a long otherwise you might end up spending hours and hours playing the game.

Flappy Bird is one of the most addictive game yet but its just very simple and easy that even a 6 years old kid can play it. All you need to control a bird by tapping anywhere on the screen, trying to avoid the pipes to get hit and loss lives.We might have said its easy but it isn't because the more you get addictive to it in future stages you will face a few troubles so you won't just end it in a sooner time.All you need to is concentration to get a medal and achieve a high score. You can score one of four medals, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. If you have scored Platinum that means you are a master player because that one is the most hard part to get. If you get Gold that means you are very good who have finished the game with hard mode.The stakes get even higher when you get your friends involved, and you try to outdo one another. It is no wonder that gamers have even tried to find out hacks and cheat to boost their scores and want to be on the top of the list between their friends.
Free Download Flappy Bird Android
This exact network effect which probably what made the game so much popular so quickly, Flappy Bird is now the number one free game on Both Android's Google Play and the iOS App Store, and needless to say, gets our heart-felt recommendation. By the way, till now my high score is 40, share what's yours.
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If you want to download the most popular Flappy bird game on your android just click app link below.

Developer: .GEARS Studios/Dong NguyenFlatforms: Android, iOS
Genre: PlatformerPrice: Free (with ads)

Flappy Bird Android App Download Link
Flappy Bird iPhone App Download Link

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