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This week Facebook introduced Look Back a slideshow of your Facebook past video with a very nice background music but for some reasons many users have tried to edit the video and accidentally  the video has been deleted from your LookBack page. Now whenever you visit the page of look back video, it does not appear on the screen. So it is very annoying that Facebook didn't give the option that you can easily recreate or edit your video and if somehow it is deleted you can recover it.

When not to worry you still have few options that you can recover or recreate your deleted Look Back video of Facebook profile using a few browser tricks.

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Now first of all we are going to show you the trick for 3 browsers. It will support on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. If you are using Safari you can just follow any of the steps it will be similar.
Recover Facebook Look Back

Remember: if you already deleted your browser cache/history, the tricks won't work for you.

Step by Step Guide to Recover Deleted Look Back Video
Mozilla Firefox
Step 1: On your address or URL bar type about:cache if nothing happens then you will need to add an extension to you Firefox browser from here
Step 2: Once you have added the extension to your browser, again type about:cache on your browser address/URL bar.
Mozilla firefox about cache

Step 3: Now you will see Disk cache device (2nd category) click on list cache entries and press CTRL+F to start search.
Mozilla firefox list cache entries
Step 4: Now on the search box type/copy https://lookback and press Enter.
Step 5: Go through the ones that match and ONLY click on the links that are HUGE, like over 1 million bytes. I say ONLY, because it can be a long process....once you think you've found it, click the link in the page that opens and your video should appear. Now right click on the video and start downloading it. After download is complete you can upload it to your Facebook.
mozilla firefox facebook cache

 Step 6: Follow up for step 5 after clicking the link Here you will be on a new page cache entry information and will see a Key the address of the video so just right click on it and Save Target As or Download Using IDM as per as your download methods.
mozilla firefox cache entry information
Google Chrome
Step 1: Type/Copy chrome://view-http-cache on your Google Chrome Address/URL bar and press Enter.
Google Chrome view http cache

Step 2: Now you will see a lot of links appearing on the page now press CTRL+F that will open the search box and type/copy lookback on your search box and press Enter.
Step 3:Now look for the link that look similar with and there will be a .mp4? format end line find it and click on it. Look the screenshot below as example:
Google Chrome view facebook cache

Step 3: 4. After you clicked the link, you will see on your window a bunch of text with white background. Ignore that. LOOK AT YOUR ADDRESS/URL BAR. You should be able to see something like chrome://view-http-cache/ a long text. In the long string of url, DELETE THIS PART: chrome://view-http-cache/ then press enter.
delete view http cache google chrome
Step 4: If you are unable to download follow Easy methods to download facebook videos

Internet Explorer

Step 1: Go to internet explorer and click on the gear icon and select Internet Option
Internet explorer view cache
 Step 2: Now click on Settings on your Internet Options and then select View
Internet explorer Temporary Internet Files
Step 3: Now search for your video.

If any of the trick is not working for you let us know via comments we will share more option to recover your deleted look back video.


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