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Valentine's day is one of the most important day to every person's life to show his/her love. Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Videos, Wallpapers, Status, Photos, Covers, Flowers and so many other ways to express your feelings how much you care about the person and wish Happy Valentine's Day. Facebook is one such a way that you can wish your valentine in so many ways. You can just make her day, starting with lot of happiness after watching what you have done for her. Lets just make the 14th February more beautiful for the people we do care for.

Facebook is not just a place where you can upload your photos, add status, chat with friends there are actually lot more other ways to wish someone you care for.

So, Here the best ways on Facebook to wish Valentine's Day
  1. You can add a simple quote message in your status including a beautiful Valentine Wishing photo and tag your partner.
  2. You can create a video slideshow of your memories with the person and share it by uploading on Facebook.
  3. You can edit and give an extra edited look to any of you and your partner photo and upload it as a profile picture (You can use frames)
  4. You can create a beautiful cover with valentine's day wishes (Add your photo to left and your partners photo on right)
  5. You can send beautiful gifts to your partner through Facebook gifts.
  6. You can create an life event with the person and tell her about your feelings.
  7. You can add Notes and write a beautiful poem for the person you love.
  8. You can also send beautiful fun cards or greeting cards and tag your partner.
  9. You can send a live event invitation to your partner to join. ( eg: concerts)

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