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If you have lost your loved once's but wish to keep memories of that person on Facebook than you can simply request Facebook to memorialize the person's profile/account. 

Facebook now permit you to warn any of your associates or friend's death, that will profitably slant the Facebook profile into a memorial profile. The person's profile will not be ordinary as before now, and the privacy will be distorted to buddies and no-one else, and the profile will slant into a Page. You can handily write around the walls of the dead person. When you demand Facebook to memorialize the account Facebook authorities will examine the issue and along with it will conveniently slant the person's profile into a memorial page.

You can also request to add Look Back Video of your beloved person from here.
How to Request Facebook to memorialized person's death
Step 1: First you will evidence of the person's death. You can conveniently locate any news article or obituary announcing the individual's death. Simply just copy or bookmark the URL.

Step 2: Now visit the Facebook Memorialized Account Page that will assert you to reply Facebook to report the person's deceased.

Step 3: Type the person's full name, as it appears on their Facebook profile, then select the date of the person died.

Step 4: You can enter single or multiple email address that might have been used to access the person's account. If you add multiple accounts separate them by commas.
Step 5: Choose the relationship between you and the deceased person.
Step 6: Now Select action to memorialize account and click Send.
Facebook Memorial

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