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Not like all the photos on Facebook Look Back video ? here is how to edit it.
Last week Facebook Look Back movie have been announced officially on its 10th Birthday. A great video that showcase your social network history within 62 seconds. You can share with your friends, what you have done all these years on Facebook by all your most important status updates, shared posts, photos, events and more starting by your profile picture.

The Facebook Look Back video automatically created for each user, based on photos and posts from the user account, as we have seen our news feed is full of these videos all week. Some of us don't feel best represents their personal Facebook experience. When it first launched, Facebook didn't allow its users to edit the look back video, but as of today there is no longer the case and you can easily edit your Facebook look back video.

Steps To Edit Facebook Look Back Video

Step 1: To edit your Look Back Movie, visit
Step 2: In the top-right of your movie you will now find an EDIT button click on it to launch the editor.
Step 3: This will allow you to pick the required number of photos for each of the four different categories. So, scroll down the page and select the photos of your choice.

Step 4: Before you start editing, you will have to remove a photo before you can add a replacement of it. So, before you select to add new photos remove the older selection first. First click on any of the picture that already have been select. After deselect the picture just click on any disabled picture to select it.

Selection Limits:
  • Your First Moments - You can select up to 3 photos. 
  • Uploaded Photos - You can select Up to 9 Photos.
  • Your Most Liked Posts - You can select up to 4 photos.
  • Photo Grids - You can select upto 38 photos. 

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