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Facebook the giant social network has completed its 10th year journey and still keep the rank number one social network in the world. Billions of users are connected with each other with the largest social network. Facebook is a place where people find everything in one place chatting, video calling, file sharing, photos, videos, pages, groups, profile, friends and more. Now as Facebook has completed its 10th year beautiful journey with the help of all the users around the globe they have decided to give a small gift to all its users.

A showcase video of your Facebook past, your most liked status, your most liked photos, photos of your friends, most liked updates. A very nice video of your past experience of Facebook with a great background music included to it.

So, you might want to download the video and if you haven't check your video yet check our earlier post How to Recover or fix your accidently deleted Facebook Look Back video and How to add create share lookback video on Facebook.
Updated - How to Edit Facebook Look back Video
You can easily download the lookback video from your Timeline. But, on the default page Facebook do not allow you to download the video by using any software but you can still download it easily without downloading any extra software.
Method 1:
Step 1: First Open your Look Back Video from here.

Step 2: Now if you are using Mac: ALT-COMMAND-J
or for                                      Windows: CTRL-SHIFT-J or F12 then click the Script tab
This will open the script debugger of your browser.
Download LookBack Video of Facebook

Step 3: Now on your script debugger just copy and paste the below code and press ENTER:

var xLBD = {};
xLBD.c = function (){
xLBD.f = unescape(document.querySelector("[flashvars]").getAttribute("flashvars")).substring(7);
xLBD.f = JSON.parse(xLBD.f.substring(0, xLBD.f.lastIndexOf("}") + 1)).video_data[0].hd_src;
xLBD.a = "<div style='position:absolute;top:50px;height:150px;left:10%;background:#red;border:10px solid #000;font-size:5em;padding:100px;'>Click <a download='lookback.mp4' href='"+xLBD.f+"'>here To download your lookback video of Facebook<\/a> Tutorial via :</div>";
document.body.innerHTML += xLBD.a;
if(document.readyState == "complete")
else window.onload = xLBD.c;

Download LookBack Video of Facebook
Step 4: Now a download window will appear on your video screen Click Here to download your Lookback video of Facebook just click on the button and the download will start.
Download LookBack Video of Facebook
If it takes to another page of video just copy the URL of the page and paste on download manger like IDM.

If this trick works for you please feel free to let us know via comments.
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Method 2:
A look Back Facebook

Step 1: Go to your lookback video link : download lookback video from facebook
Step 2: Now click on the Share Movie button at the top right of your video.
Share Lookback video facebook
Step 3: Then a new window will prompt click on Share.
Step 4: now wait a around 2 minute and check back your Timeline profile.
Step 5: Click on the video posted on your Timeline by you and follow the steps : Easy Method to download facebook videos

I hope you enjoyed the gift from Facebook.

You can upload your video to and share it here via comments.

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