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Have you downloaded the new paper app Facebook on your mobile/smartphone ? the app that lets you view all your connections updates to view like a newspaper. Well its kind of sliding news view feature that will allow you to make your own sections and what you would like to see on your screen. If you are a fan of News Feed desktop version of Facebook you are going to love this new app because it is simple to the desktop version and more exciting and new featured.

As we all know with new things we always find something annoying that we wish to remove it so that we can use it just the way we it to be. The new paper app Facebook comes with the new feature for smartphone users but one small annoying part is the autoplay videos. That means the videos on your Sections will start automatically that is actually very annoying for you. You would like to disable the function that so we have decided to give you a simple step by step guide how you can turn off autoplay videos on paper mobile app of Facebook.

How to turn off autoplay videos on Paper Mobile App Facebook
How to disable autoplay videos on iphone facebook app
Step 1: On your home screen pull down the menu by swipping down.
Step 2: Now tap on the Settings.
Step 3: now you will have option to change many settings of your app. Now in the middle you will find Autoplay Videos just switch it to left.

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You are done. Now there will be no automatic videos on your Facebook mobile app.

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