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Since last few years Facebook is changed News Feed a several times to give its user easy to use features. It shows updates of All friends, Most Recent updates, Pages and public figure updates you liked, updates of groups you joined, latest Photos updates, updates from the Games apps you play, music and more. We usually see all our updates from all sources as mentioned together in News Feed but it has become very difficult for Facebook to maintain the news feed and keep alive all the posts.

If you visit your Facebook home after 24 hours you will find lot of updates has been done by your friends, pages, groups and more. The most liked or most commented posts will be on the top of News Feed view as per Facebook's algorithm. Sometimes you might miss any important updates by your friends, or a major news from a page, a game that you love to play fixes it bugs and more. So, for solving these difficulties and maintain your network updates and categorized it Facebook have updated its News Feed feature algorithm again and its look..

You can choose any specific updates to view but your default updates (home page) will be same as before with all the posts with most liked or commented but Facebook always give more attention to posts that shared by your friends. Mostly, Events, Occasions, Birthday's, watched movies and etc. The algorithm is pretty simple and easy to figure out and yes all you need to get more attention from friends to be on the top of the news feed on your friends Facebook home.

Recently, Facebook categorized its news feed and give us option to choose different types from right side on the home page. Just tapping or clicking on the News Feed tab on the right side just below the Home and Post tabs you can see all the categories. The default categories are:
Facebook New news feed
  • All Friends 
  • Most Recent
  • Pages and Public Figures
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Games
  • Music
  • See all
Facebook news feed categories

All Friends - What's Happening with all your friends
Facebook All Friends Feed
The meaning of social network is being connected with everything, but for us all it matters because we have friends there. So, that is obvious that whenever you are on your Facebook you firstly would like to see all the updates by your friends. Now when you select All Friends from the news feed categories, you can view only the feed or posts by your friends. So, that makes it more simple and easy to find our friends feeds and obviously we won't miss anything important anymore.

Most Recent - All the latest activity
Facebook Most Recent Feeds
 As we have mentioned before that Facebook categories all the updates or posts with most liked and commented, that mean's the post is important. But it is not essential that if other don't like the posts it is not important for you and you always want to keep up with all the recent activities by your friends, pages, public figures groups and more. Most Recent is the place where you can simply find out all the recent activities. If you often visit Facebook that would be the best place for you to keep up with all recent activities.

Pages and Public Figures - News from Pages and people you follow
Facebook Pages And Public Figures Feeds
 We never want to miss an important update from our favorite people. If a movie is announced by Tom Cruise definitely you would like to grab the news. But, for certain reason you could even miss the news because your main news feed is showing everything at once's. But if you just go to your Pages and Public figure feeds you can simply find out all the updates made by people you follow, and pages you liked. So, there will be less chance that you are going to miss any important updates by any of the pages or people you are following.

Groups - What's going on with all your groups
Facebook Group Feeds
Most of us love to join different groups, you joined your college or university groups.A very important discussion going on the group of your collage but there is a chance that you are going to miss the discussion. If you simply visit Groups feed then you can easily find out all updates by groups you have joined.

Photos - Nothing but photos from people and pages
Facebook Photos Feeds
Photos have become very important in our internet life because they keep our memories, let our friends know about the happiest moments, showing the places we visited, showing graduation photos to families. If your brother lives in London and he just shared his graduation photo on Facebook you don't want to miss it ? if he forget to tag you on the photo you must be missing it if it doesn't appear on the top 20 to 30 list of your Facebook home. You are a big fan of Justin Bieber now he just shared a cover of his next album, now there is also a big chance that you are going to miss. Now if you just click on the Photos from your News Feed categories you can just see all the photo updates by your friends and public and on the right you can also see the recent profile photos updates by your friends, cover updates of your friends and pages. So, there is less chance that you missed a photo of your friend and easy to comment all your friends photos.

Games - Who's Playing and What's New
Facebook Games Feeds
Games the most exciting part of Facebook and millions of people are playing games and spending several hours. Now you must have seen all your friends are playing games, now do you know what they are playing now ? what updates have your games app made ? there was a bug on Candy Crush Saga yesterday so you couldn't play it, but today they have fixed it and you didn't get any notification or update, but if you visit your Games feed you can simply view all the updates made by the games you are playing , what levels they have completed, and what new games invitation shared by your friends.

Music - Artists you and your friends like
Facebook Music Feed
 Music is one of the important part of our life that keeps us calm, enjoy the moments, dance and make us happy. Now do you know what was the last post by your favorite artist, what artist your friends following, videos of different artist your friends sharing, latest photos of your favorite artist and more. Well you just simply click on Music tab on your News Feed categories and and find out all the updates at one page.

See All - More Option
Clicking on see all gives you options that you can view today's updates only, updates by your working places, updates of your school collages, your lists, subscribers and more.

This new categorized News Feed just gives us option to find out easily what we are looking for.

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