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Have you accidentally broken your Home button on iPhone, now you are not able to do anything. It could happen at anytime at any moment. You could even Siri after trying to so hard and than can tell Siri which app would you like to open. But what about your regular use of iPhone until you don't fix it from the iStore.

Basically iPhone comes with many solutions, Therefor in case of your home button is broken you can still have option for an alternative way. You can simply add an onscreen home button at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Below we are sharing how to do that with little bit of trick.
On Screen Home Button iPhone

  1. Go to your Settings than choose General and tap on Accessibility.
  2. Now scroll down to the Physical & Motor section and than tap on AssistiveTouch.
  3. Enable or Turn on AssistiveTouch.(A white circle will now appear at the bottom of your screen.)
  4. Simply tap on the circle, and a popup will promot with four options to choose, Siri, Device, Home and Favorite.
  5. Select the Home from the option and that will make the white circle as Home button of your iPhone.

You need to keep the AssistiveTouch on till you want to use the on screen Home Button.

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