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If you are Android user, you must have played a lot of games. Have you every trying Adventure games ? do you love to you adventure games and you are fan of it. But don't like to pay for download games from Google Play Store. Than not to worry anymore because we have collection list of 10 best Adventurous games that you can play on your Android smartphone. These games gives you the most exciting trilling adventure, mysteries, action, hidden objects, fun and lot more to discover while playing.

  1. The Lone Ranger
  2. The Lone Ranger Game
    You are fan of Johny Deep the Texas Rangers in the Wild West, why not playing a game where you have the chance to play The long Ranger a very good adventure game, interact with known allies and outlaws throughout your journey. Restore peace to the town of Colby as like the movie, protect the people from the bad. Every time you go to a new levels you get chance to unlock new weapons, tools, horses and more. The game is fully inspired of The Lone Ranger, if you already seen the movie it will be easier for you to play on and the most interesting fact is the game is developed by Disney game studio.
    Free Download The Lone Ranger Android Game
  3. Hidden Object: Mystery Estate

  4. hidden object mystery estate game
    This game is pretty new on the Android market launched last December. The game is very exciting that you will required to find out all hidden objects to complete levels and unknown hidden powers. You have to stop the nefarious order of the dragon. They are back from the shadows and want to steal the world's best artifacts. So you will just required to stop them by finding the hidden objects. The game is developed by Kiwi Inc.
    Free Download Mystery Estate Android Game
  5. Escape The Titanic

  6. escape the titanic game
    I don't think anyone is out there who can forget the most romantic movie Titanic, but this time you don't have to watch it, or nothing is related to love. It is one of the most popular adventurous game with millions of fans. The game do not have any instruction or help files, all you need to do is by your own, you have to save the Titanic before it gets too late and sink. You need to keep the one of the biggest ship in the world safe. The game simply tests your cleverness, wits, speed etc. It is a unique adventure puzzle kind of game that gives you more fun and exciting while playing. Don't worry they game comes with an integrated hint system that will help you to start the game.
    Free Download Escape The Titanic Android Game
  7. Adventure Town

  8. Adventure Town
    If you have played games like Sims Social on PC then you are going to love this game. The game is very exciting where you have chance to build city buildings with lights, you can build houses, shops, malls, and yes after then you can decorate them as you like. It s a very tech type adventurous game that you need to attract and strengthen Heroes to defeat menacing monsters. Go through continuous challenges and earn rewards as much as you can. Start on this fantastic journey to restore greatness to your world and banish the forces of darkness.
    Free Download Adventure Town Android Game
  9. Brightwood Adventures

  10. Brightwood Adventures
    One of the most popular free android adventure game played by millions of users worldwide. The games gives you a full option to build your own city by helping Wally, Rowan and the rest of the game to build a village in the dark forest.The game provides good mix of thrilling experince and fun. You can easily buy crops, trees, buildings, houses, craftwork and decor to help villagers settle in their village. Make it just like you want it to be.
    Free Download Brightwood Adventures Android Game
  11. The Hunger Games Adventures

  12. The Hunger Games Adventures
    One of the exciting, trilling and adventurous android game and winner of two Webby Awards for best social game and variety entertainment award for best entertainment based on mobile game, the official game of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.You need to discover the untold secrets of Panem and meet Finnick in District 4. Travel with Katniss and Peera for the victory tour. and more fun and features.
    Free Download The Hunger Games Adventures Android Game
  13. Layton Brothers Mystery Room

  14. If you love crime and mystery thriller game then Layton Brothers Mystery Room would be the best one for you. You have to investigate the crime scene and find out clues, cut through the web of deceit, find the criminal and solve the case. You will have some case files on murders, burglary and of other crimes and you will have to solve them one by one and complete levels.
    Free Download Layton Brothers Mystery Room Android Game
  15. Disney Hidden Worlds

  16. If you are game lover then you must have played games by one of the top adventure game developer Disney. Hidden Worlds is one of the hidden objects game in scenes from all your favorite Disney movies. It takes you to the journey of the world of imagination where you can recreate the story of your favorite cartoon characters Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The little Mermaid, Wonderland and more. At the starting you will need to find 50 hidden objects of each timeless Disney movie moment. You just need to concentrate and find the the objects as you are instructed to. You can take help and get clues to find them out easily. The game simply gives you the oppurnity to re-live the magic world of your favorite World Disney movies.
    Free Download Disney Hidden Words Android Game
  17. The Silent Age

  18. One of the great adventurous journey to a haunting future where mankind has become extinct. You need to solve all the puzzles by time traveling. If you are using a touch screen smartphone then you can have a great experience of this game. You will face different kinds of movements are taking place, wind of change are blowing, time is changing and many other exciting trilling but fun features are waiting for you. 
    Free Download The Silent Age Android Game
  19. Hidden Object Adventure

  20. Finding hidden object become one of the exciting game. If ever played criminal case on Facebook then you must have a very good experience in playing hidden object games. In this game you will need to explore Edward's house and search for secret items. The plot is funny and interesting and exciting to keep playing. There are total 18 levels to complete, with each level the game becomes more tough and interesting.
    Free Download Hidden Object Adventure Android Game

If you have any other game of your choice feel free to share with us via comments. Let all the viewers know about your adventurous journey.

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