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Android is one of the largest and most popular Smartphone Operating System. Different apps lets you do different tasks on your smartphone and improve your android user experience. Millions of Bengali people always want to type in Bangla and looking for best solution out there. If you yet to know, how you can easily type in Bengali on your android smartphone than not to worry anymore because we are going to show you easily you can type on bangla on your Android smartphone and the best apps out there to download for free.

Google Play store is one and only way to download the most popular and trust-able apps on market. So, we have collected the best and easiest app to type in bengali.
English To Bangla Typing Android

Bangla Typing
if you are looking for an easy solution to type in bangla then Bangla Typing app is the best one out on the market. You can just type in english and it will give you popup predictions of the bangla word in bengali letters. For example if you type "bangla" then it will show you prediction বাঙ্লা English To Bangla Converter Android. The apps also comes with lot more features like auto selection all text and with all other functions you have in your regular typing apps. You can use the app on your emails, Facebook, messengers and more.

Download the Bangla Typing Android App from Play Store
Downlaod English To Bangla Type App Android

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