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If you want to type fast and easy with flexible touchable keyboard than you should have the best Android Keyboard apps. There are lot of great keyboard apps on Android play store better than your normal Default Android Keyboard. With more stylist, more comfort, more flexibility, easy to use you can type 50% faster.

Android OS become very famous with-in a very short time for its great features, easy and stylish user interface, graphics, flexibility, compatibility and many more that just make the Smartphone OS unique than any other smartphone operating system.Although with in the last few years, Android has made many changes to its OS and interface and user abilities.The operating system has taken many different versions, improving UI design, resources usages, features e.t.c. But, never improved one thing that has been same as from the beginning (Android Default Keyboard).
Android Keyboards

There have been a lot of complains posted about the built-in keyboard interface of Android OS, such as typing problems and looking for an alternative solution. If you are one of them and looking for Top 10 Android Keyboard Apps than we have selected the top 1 most used keyboard apps on android that you must-have.

List Of Top 10 Android Keyboard Apps  
    Perfect Keyboard Android
  1. Perfect Keyboard Free
  2. Perfect Keyboard is one of the best free external Android keyboard that comes with multitouch function, choose different themes, text colors, emoji, split-layout, user dictionary, built-in dictionary, international dictionaries, configurable auto correction, redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style, speech to text, custom vibration intensity, long press Enter key to bring up smiley alternatives, long press on / key in URL mode to bring up domains, cursor keys, fast text acceptance and more.Perfect Keyboard allows you to setup your Android phone or tablet's touch-pad keyboard so that it works best for you.
    Required Space: 2.4 MB
    Required Android Version : 2.2 or later.
    Google Play Store Link

    Google Keyboard Android
  3. Google Keyboard Free
  4. If you are looking for a smart and easy simple multitouch keyboard than Google keyboard will be the best one to choose. You can enjoy Emoji, gesture typing with dynamic floating preview, space aware gesture typing, voice typing, next-word suggestions and current-word completions, dictionaries for 26 languages, advanced keyboard layouts but this app is only available for Android Kitkat or later Android OS.
    Required Space: Varies with device
    Required Android Version: 4.0 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    AI type Keyboard Android
  5. A.I. Type Keyboard Free
  6. If you are speed typist and would like to have a fast typing keyboard with word suggestion and auto spelling recorection than A.I. Type Keyboard is one of the best keyboard on Android market.Its very smarter, suggestion of common words, phrases and style, improves text prediction accordingly, emoji icons, changing themes, background images, fonts, and resizing the keyboard by dragging the resize key.
    Required Space: Varies with device
    Required Android Version: 2.0.1 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    Swiftkey Keyboard Android
  7. Swiftkey Keyboard $5.01
  8. Swifkey is one of the best designed, very intelligent, attractive, mind reading keyboard android app. It gives you the ability to fast typing experience. It understand the users typing style and easily predicts the next word that you want to type. Multi lingual keyboard and ability to type up to 3 languages at once. It gives you the most powerful service of auto correction and next word prediction in more than 61 languages. Not only that it has built-in back facility and sync feature that will keep your personal language insight up to date to help you type more faster and accurate.
    Required Space: Varies with device
    Required Android Version: 2.2 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    Smart Keyboard Android
  9. Smart Keyboard PRO $2.73
  10. Smart Keyboard pro is a very fast multitouch keyboard that let you select your keyboard styles and turn them into your favorite brands keyboard such as, iPhone, HTC, Galaxy and more.It also supports mulch-language, additional skins, voice input T9 and compact mode, smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration and many more features and prediction options. Simply pressing 123 key for a while you can access to the keyboard settings anytime anywhere on your smartphone.It gives you full ability to type faster and smoothly.
    Required Space: 1.4 MB
    Required Android Version: 1.5 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    Go keyboard android
  11. Go Keyboard Free
  12. Go keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android smartphone that designed to help speeding up typing and reduce the chances of accidental typing errors efficiently. With lot more options and features the App supports more than 40 languages with various localized input methods. You can choose more than 100 custon themes and keyboard layouts that can make your typing experience more faster, fun and personalized. It is just simple as it looks and easy to use with smart functionality. More than 50+ million downloads and still counting with funny voice texting, accurate auto-correct and next word prediction.
    Required Space: 5.2 MB
    Required Android Version: 2.0 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    swype keyboard android
  13. Swype Keyboard $3.99
  14. Swype keyboard is one of the best android keyboard app that let you makes your typing faster and smoother. It notices the way you type in any supported language and easily creates a personal language model that follows you device to device. Swype is very popular for its unique popular features. It provides you customization options, so that you can easily make it work just the way you want.It is one of the best accurate gesture keyboard, revolutionary and quickly makes thumb-typing feel antiquated.It also support Talkback and explore by touch accessibility features. You can easily back up your personal dictionary to the could and synchronize with any Android device where Swype is installed. You can also download additional 71 more languages. It can help you to recognize your voice and turn them into text very quickly with a simple press of the voice key on the smart Swype keyboard.
    Required Space: 17 MB
    Required Android Version: 2.2 and up
    Google Play Store Link

    Touchpal x keyboard android
  15. TouchPal X Keyboard Free
  16. TouchPal X Keyboard is one of the best free keyboard apps on Android market, that let you type faster. The app comes with built-in word and sentence gesture including more than 500 emojis and smileys to make your text looks more perfect to express your exact feelings while texting. It also comes with wise contextual prediction, bigger keys than default Android keyboard, cloud backup and sync prediction, Walkie-Talkie style voice input, T+ dual-letter layout, supports more than 70 languages and more.
    Required Space: Varies with device
    Required Android Version: Varies with device
    Google Play Store Link

    swiftkey keyboard Android
  17. Swiftkey Keyboard Free
  18. Swift Key keyboard app is one of the ultra popular keyboard that has become the go-to option of many people out there. While i will personally always go with Google Keyboard, Swift key isn't to be missed at all. Because of its extreme features and fun to use it is Available in both free and paid versions. It offers varies features and easy to use options.It improves your typing ability and makes touchscreen typing faster easier and ore personalized. It also comes with auto-correct your words and next-word prediction in over 61 languages. You can backup and sync keeps your personal language insights seamlessly up to date across all your devices. It also keeps your writing style based on your language use on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, SMS and blog. You have option to enable up to 3 languages at once.
    Required Space: Varies with device
    Required Android Version: Varies with device
    Google Play Store Link

    Thumb keyboard android
  19. Thumb Keyboard $1.23
  20. Thump is a advanced keyboard with customizable features. Many of the typing freaks love to use only our thumbs to type while texting on Android. This keyboard app is developed observing this fact (thumb typing). It splits keyboard buttons on the left and right hand side while middle part have symbols and numbers which makes thumb typing more natural and comfortable. More features: Multi-touch, Variable key spacing, Auto-correction, Text to speech, themes, etc including smileys.
    Required Space: 8.3 MB
    Required Android Version: 2.2 and up
    Google Play Store Link

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