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Facebook the giant social network with lot of fun and features. While chatting with your friends you can send smileys, emoticons and Chat Stickers introduced few months earlier. Chat stickers are bigger emoticons that can be used on texting with your friends. There are 1000s of chat stickers but you might didn't find all of them.

Stickers are super sized emoji type of emoticons, these chat stickers have many other faces to express your feelings more strongly and make chat much more interesting, engaging and funny.

There are many category of Facebook Chat stickers that you can easily grab them just for free from the Sticker Store. Everyday there are more and more stickers being added, but if you are looking for the most attractive and impressive chat stickers than you won't find them on Facebook Chat Stickers store. For example if you are looking for Facebook memes, Grumpy cat, Futurama fry, Skeptical baby, You No face, Troll faces etc that you won't find on the store.
Facebook Chat Stickers
Many of the Chat users, memes become very much popular and become a habit which they generally use in Facebook comments, status, chat window etc. So, if you are still couldn't find them all than you are far away from having fun with most popular chat stickers.

You can start using all these big emoticons while you are chatting on Facebook you can start using these right now than fortunately, we have an option. After introducing Stickers Facebook developers are busy in doing other things on Facebook, but you can use custom made chat stickers, or your own chat stickers too.

You don't need to save all these stickers on your computer storage drive and upload them again and again while you are chatting. I am going to introduce you to custom Facebook chat stickers that you can use on chatting with your friends.

If you are chrome browser lover than you should know that installing a simple extension will let you to use more than 4000+ Facebook memes, chat stickers, advice animals and reaction faces and more.

Installing the chrome browser, you just need to login to your Facebook account and start chatting with your friends.You will notice a small icon (troll face icon) next to photo-upload button, at the bottom of your Facebook chat.
4000 ChatStickers facebook
Facebook Sticker Chrome Extension

All you need is to click on the memes icon on your Facebook chat screen and than select all the memes you like to add. If you are looking for other categories than you can select AdviceAnimal, Troll Faces, Fun memes and click on small stickers at the ChatSticker pop-up right on your Facebook chatbox and you have seen lots of other icons/memes to use.
Another Great Google Chrome Facebook Chat Sticker Extension
Link For Facebook Chat Stickers

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