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Smartphone have become so popular that is become very hard to find someone without having an smartphone. From a kid to a older guy everyone just love to have smartphone on their pocket and use it many fun and interesting purposes. It could be for photos, internet, music and more. Do you know what are the dangerous things that we are doing in our daily life using smartphones I guess not ? Well, an inforgraphic put together by insurance firm Protect Your Bubble reveals the answer.And lets go right away to the number one.

First of all 62% of people who are using smartphone don't use any password protection on their device. You should remind your self everyday that, if suddenly your phone is lost or got stolen ? what problems you could face if the person who stole it have access to all your data and information. Next, the most important to remind our self every single time is the use of auto sign in for banking and financial websites. While many do not use a password on their phone when they should, 32% of store their private passwords on their phone. Which means all the essential password could be easily grab from the smartphone.
Dangerous Smartphone Mistakes
Do you know how many phishing emails are sending each day, well more then 160 million phishing emails send daily. Now do not click on links inside fraudulent emails. So many smartphone owners do that regularly, Most legitimate correspondences from a major corporation will not ask your account number, password or even your social security number. If you are away on a vacation, do not post your photos to a social network while you are still away from home. 75% of the convicted burglars say that this is how others in their line of business find their victims. You are actually letting them now where you are so that they can easily trace you and rob you.

More then 25% of smartphone owners do not use a case, so they just keep the phone naked. While certain models might have fantastic build quality, a case still can buffer the shock of a dropped handset and even some of them are water resistant. So, in case if you ever dropped your smartphone somehow on the floor or even water, there are better chance to survive your phone using a simple case.Connecting smartphones to un-secure wifi network.

Below we have added 10 of the stupid things we do with our smartphones in photo inforgraphic check it out :
 Inforgrpahic : Dangerous Smartphone Mistakes

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