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Facebook is a multifunction social network website with lot of features and fun. Including chatting, groups, pages, profiles, photos, videos and much more. Facebook is not only for normal people it is become one of the major marketing industry for companies around the globe. Also 1000's of companies are related and making money though Facebook from their apps like games, quiz and more. Actually it has been cleared that from a normal person to a politician even a celebrity or even the biggest corporation around world are in Facebook. A place for entertainment, popularity, news, marketing.

It is really important to learn about secrets of Facebook and tips for every individual to be in social network.
facebook secrets
Facebook Secrets

Facebook Secrets:
1. Your personal data: Do you know how much Facebook know about you and stored your data ? You can grab all your Facebook data by downloading a copy of your Facebook data from Account Settings > Download a copy of your Facebook data.

2. Sharing your posts: You post your status, photos, updates, things you like, videos and more with Facebook. Did you want to show all your posts to everyone in the world. Well i guess not, you might just want to specify things that you would like to share with friends and everyone else. But by Facebook default settings your post privacy has setup as Public. So be sure before posting that you correctly choose your privacy settings for that post.

3. Missing your friend posts: Sometimes you might have seen a post have been made by one of your friend but its not appearing on your news feed. This is actually done by Facebook algorithm that most liked, shared and commented posted will be on the top of the news feed. So, you need to clarify your friend to be a close friend so that Facebook recognize it and show you all posts of your friend.

4. They are tracking you: Facebook actually tracks you every time you visit a page where a Facebook like or share button has been pressed by you. They log that information in their database. So you need be careful while you like or share anything on other pages.

5. Disable all third-party apps: You might don't like a lot of apps that are appearing on your news-feed and notification daily. Just want to be safe on your side that no other third-party websites or apps are able to access to your profile and updates. Well, Facebook does have one single click option that you just simply click and disable all your third-party websites apps to disabled. Account Settings > App Settings > Turn Off Platform.

6. Edit your posts: Many people don't know about this really cool feature that Facebook added few months back. After you post something on your Facebook for example : comments, status updates etc you are not allowed to re-edit or fix it. Well, now they have made it so easy for you that you can simply click on your posts and edit anything you like. You don't need to remove it all again.

7. View your timeline what other people see: Do you know how your Timeline show up to your friends or to public. Well, Facebook gives you a cool option that now you can view your Timeline profile like a public or even a specific person. You can simply choose any of your friend and see how the profile show up to them and what updates they will able to see. Go to your Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging > View As.

8. Your friendship with a friend: You might have close friends on your account. Do you know since the time when your friendship started on Facebook what you guys have shared with each other. You have option for that, you can simply go to your friend's timeline and view friendship and now you can add when you guys first met. The Date, Place, Story and also picture about you and your friend. Just to be close enough.

9. Friends or Pages notification: You really don't like to miss any updates of your friend or a page. Not to worry about it anymore you have option that now you will get notification whenever your friend or page made any update. Just select any of their updates from news feed and click on settings and select Get notification. From then whenever a update is done by that person or page you will be notified.

10. View post by hashtags: This feature is cool. You might like to view anything specifically. It could be even posted by your friends, pages or public. All you need to do is from the search bar just add the #(Hash) and add the word. For example : you want to know about Barak Obama just use #Barak Obama and you will find all recent posts made for Barak Obama.

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