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How to link Instagram to a Facebook Page well it has become simple for now that you can add your favorite Instagram with your Facebook page and share and feed your posts.

A recent feature which is not available for all Facebook users yet. It will be soon avaiable to all page admins.You will able to add your Instrgram brand account with your Facebook page and will able to share your posts you made on Instrgram to your Facebook Page feeds.

Before you start the step by step guide that how you will connect it, i will not recommend you to feed your instagram photos to your Facebook page. The reason behide is is simple Facebook rank algorithm always watch any link from outside of Facebook as a way to get people away from Facebook, and therefore it will get olower ranks. So, there result will be less people will see an Instagra photo on a Facebook Page (If you compare any photo directly uploaded to your page). and less views on a post means Talking About This number will be very less and you won't get much benifits of sharing, and also result in a lower post reach in the near future. Another reason why you shouldn't do it that if you tag anything on your page from a different source then translate will not work. And tagging others (on any social media platform) is the best way to grow your fan base and increase the reach of a post.
Link Instagram To Facebook

For a great Facebook page with more viewers and fans you should at least get 10-20% Talking About This number of your total Facebook fans or likes. This will increase your page rank including your fans.

Before you start make sure that you are logged in to the Facebook and Facebook Page (Orange Flag) apps before you start your tutorial.

Step 1: First you will need to Login to your Instagram App on your phone with the account you want to share on your Facebook Page. Then again to your Facebook personal profile from your smartphone.

Step 2: Now Open and click on the lower right tab (on the bottom) from there and tap on the upper right corner Settings.
Connect Instagram To Facebook

Step 3: Now your third step will be tap on the Share Settings.
Share Instagram to Facebook

Step 4: Tap on the Facebook button, it will now ask you to sign in to your personal Facebook profile, now just follow the steps, it might open up Facebook for a second and come back to Instagram. It might even do this twice. Do not touch anything now. Just let it pull it up and wait for it to be completely done.
Merge Instagram To Facebook

Step 5: Click on No so you are not sharing your Instagram likes to your personal Facebook profile, Unless you wanted to display the sketchy stuff you like on the Instagram to your Facebook friends. ( Your Instagram followers already can see that, so you are already getting out there just stay tuned)
Sync Instagram To Facebook

Step 6: You do not really have to do anything, just make sure that Facebook button is now displaying the name of your personal Facebook profile on left side on the share screen just like below.
Add Instagram To Facebook

Step 7: Now tap on the Facebook button and it should now show Wall by default.
Adding Facebook To Instagram

Step 8: Click on Wall (Default) and now you see a list of all the Facebook pages you are an admin off. Now next you need to select the one you want and you will see the check mark just behind the Facebook Page you just have selected few seconds back.
How to connect instagram to facebook page

Step 9: Now you will need to feed every single Instagram photo to your Facebook page one by one. It will be a boring when both platforms and twitter show exactly the same content every time. Besides the fact that it decreases your Facebook Page Posts reach, as well as making your Facebook posts look like a mess with bunch of @ and # signs. You are better then that.

I will recommend you to feed less photos from your Instagram photos. You can just feed around 1-3 of every 10 photos of Instagram.

If you still facing problem please let us know we will update another step by step guide for you.