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How to video chat with Google Plus circles using Google Hangouts app : 
Android one of the major mobile operating system by Google. So, that is obvious that you have option fir video calling with your Google hangouts circles. You might have heard about iPhone FaceTime video chat ability, you will have the same function and feature with more exciting advances on Android for video calling Facebook.

Here in this article we are going to tell you all about Google's own video calling chat service, Hangouts. Hangouts app for either you use it on your Android or iOS is more than capable of providing everything that a normal iPhone users get from iPhone FaceTime, including video chatting with iPhone's.
Free Google Hangouts Group Video Calling

Below a easy guide How to video call in Android or iPhone using Google+ Hangout with Circles :
For any Google related services or apps that you would like to use will need an Google+ account, if you already have it then lets continue if you don't have one then create one here. Google+ is a social network service just like Facebook, when you will have Google Plus account activated, you will get Hangouts App. If you have an Android phone, then you are likely signed up with Google Plus, and your phone probably cam with Hangouts installed. Or if not then to enable Google+ just download the app from play store here. Now just open the app and sign in with your Google account. All Google accounts are associate with each other so you can use any of your Google accounts eg: Youtube, Gmail, Blogger etc.

If your smartphone was not preloaded with the Hangout app, you can download the app from Google Play Store here .After you have successfully installed the app on your Android, it is pretty easy and simple to begin video calling.

First step is to open or launch the app, when your started the app successfully you will see a list of your contacts. You can either scroll down and select someone to begin a chat or video chat with, or you can search in the text input field above (Type a name, email, number or circle). The results shown will prioritize your phone’s contacts at the top, but it is possible to search throughout Google+ for chat mates.
Google Android Video Call Google+ Hangout with Circles

The great function that you can use on Hangouts is that, you can select up to 10 friends to start a video chat with in a session, a feature that FaceTime is notably missing on iPhone.

Once you have selected any of your friends, you are taken into a chat screen, to begin a video chat just tap the video cam icon at the top of the screen and then start your video calling with your friends.
Hangouts Google Group Video Call App Screenshot

Just like Facebook, Hangouts app is also accessible from your desktop. But unlike, facebook Hangouts computer access provided via either the Gmail or Google+ website directly,meaing that the service is available on Android and iOS, as well as any desktop format like Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or even Linux and uBuntu. You have to persuade your friend to download the app from Google Play Store directly on her smartphone, or create an Google+ account.

I guess this Google Hangouts app is much strong then any other apps currently on the market like FaceTime. WE can even call it AllTime and Android users need to be proud of this app and get the video chat on all the same from others.