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AirDrop let you send and receive files on your iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 7 and it is faster then the normal cellular file transfer. You don't need any WiFi or cellular internet connection for AirDrop because it let you send and receive files without any internet connection. That is the reason why it's just so great for all the iPhone and iPad users. The only thing that you will need is to be close within proximity to the receiving iPhone or iPad.

Almost all of the apps on your device supports AirDrop to send and receive media files. You can use it with your Photos app. Before you are going to transfer files between your devices you must enable AirDrop in both of the devices.

If you don't know how to enable iOS 7 AirDrop in your iPhone or iPad please check out our guide to : Enable AirDrop For iPhone And iPad

To share content with AirDrop, both users need one of these devices using iOS 7:
airdrop ios 7

How to Send File Using iOS 7 AirDrop On iPhone And iPad
Step 1: First you will need to start any app that supports AirDrop for example : Photos App.
Step 2: Now search for the file you would like to send and tap on it.
Step 3: Now tap on the Share Button.
Step 4: You will need to wait a few seconds for collecting all Airdrop enabled devices, when all devices will be available then AirDrop will show them in the top row. Now tap on their name and photo.
(Remember your Bluetooth need to be turned on)

How to Recive File Using iOS 7 AirDrop On iPhone And iPad
Step 1: Enable AirDrop in your iPhone or iPad (guide given above).
Step 2: Follow the steps given above for sending files. Then just Tap on Accept on your receiving device.
airdrop screenshot ios7 iphone

You don't need any connection for using AirDrop and its the most fastest way then texting a photo to someone. Now only thing that is left in AirDrop is the option to send and receive files from an iPhone or iPad to Mac. Both have AirDrop support so Apple might be give this option for us in the future updates of iOS.