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You Facebook account is very valuable to you. You don't want to loss it anyway. But you might face this problem that someone else try to hack into your Facebook Account and grab all information and you are no longer have access to your account. For protecting your Facebook account from being hacked you should take a few steps. With us few simple Facebook privacy you can actually feel safe about your account from being hacked.

Hackers actually try to hack account in many different ways. They might hack into your email address and grab your password by Password Recovery. They can access to your computer by many different ways and grab all your browser Saved Passwords. Even they can just make a similar email address and try to knock Facebook help for Password Recovery. If you are not smart enough they might can guess your password and able to access to your account.
Facebook Acount Safety
But with just few simple steps you don't have to worry about any hacking methods. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log-in into your Facebook and click on Settings.
Facebook Settings
Step 2: Now from left side menu click on Security.
Facebook security
Step 3: Enable Secure Browsing, enable login notification, enable login approval via cellphone, add only trusted contacts for safety.
secure browsing facebook

Remember login approval via mobile is very much necessary. Because without your cellphone you will not able to access to your account. If someone else somehow get your password still he will not able to access to your account. Due to Facebook security only recognized browser with same IP address will have access to the account. If you even try to login from any different browser you will also need to give the security code send by Facebook via SMS in your phone.

This is the most secured way to protect your account from being hacked.
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