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You can get all your SMS, MMS, text messages, pictures, phone alert right on your web browser or app in your PC or Computer from your Android Smartphone by merge or sync.
It is really boring when you are just too busy with computer and when a SMS just arrive to your phone and you turn your head to your phone and read the message.
Well there is a very good option for you now. You can use Mighty Text For Android an app that lets you text from your computer Web Browser.
This app allows you to read and send text and picture messages on either the Mighty Text Web page or on a plug-in on your browser. Mighty Text also alerts me when I am getting a phone call. Basically, you can tuck your phone away and out of sight for most of the day and just work from one screen.
Sync Android To PC For Calls SMS MMS

Mighty Text is simple to install and use. Here is how you can do it.

First, you will want to download the Android app to your smartphone from Google Store. Once you have got that install completed, start it up, and on the first screen you will see a Complete Setup button. Tap that to link the service with your Google/Gmail account (this is how the app will communicate with your desktop browser very easily).
Mightytext for android

Now you will need to navigate your computer browser to the Mighty Text Google Chrome Extension page Click here. Click the + button and then just click Add when you see the pop-up window. You should see that your new Mighty Text extension icon has been added to the right of your browser address bar sure to look at our screenshot to understand it easily. Click that to load up the Mighty Text Web page, and sign in with your Google/Gmail account on your first visit.
Now you are all synced up and ready to go to use all features from the app.

How can you send text messages:
If you like to send a text message, just click the Mighty Text Chrome extension button or just navigate to select a contact (already wirelessly synced from your phone’s contact list) and type a message or attach a picture or you can just do both. Mighty Text will then send the message to your phone to be shipped off just as a regular text would be just as simple as like that.

When your phone receives a text message, a notification pop-up will appear on the right side of your PC Web browser. There will be a Reply button right with it, and when you click on it, a drop-down window showing the conversation will appear between you and your friend. From this window, you can enter text or attach a picture to respond with. You can add both picture and text together if you like to.

The Mighty Text service can also send text messages from Android tablets as well. All you will have to do is install the tablet version of Mighty Text from the Play Store on your device and sign in with your same Google/Gmail account as like above examples.

And that’s all she wrote (or texted). Now that you can send SMS and MMS messages without taking your eyes off your work, you will have no excuse for not being textually active at the office. I guess this new great app will be very useful for you

Get This App From Play Store:
Android Smartphone Version Mighty Text Android To PC Sync
Android Tablet Version Mighty Text Android To PC Sync