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Stop or block Event Invite from a particular friend on Facebook.
Notification keeps you alive for every update of your friends, pages, events, games, apps and everything you connected through Facebook. But sometimes it really make no sense when you get lot of useless notification of events. You might even getting too many notification from a friend that you don't even talk too. Well there is a simple way that you can stop it, without even asking them to stop inviting you. Facebook have been working on many updates and improvement so that user feel more comfortable while using it. Now they have made it more harder for event administrators to invite large swaths of friends a move that social media expert Mari Smith said might have been an attempt to combat the problem of unwanted event invites. 

But the way is simple that you can stop based on who is sending you the invitation.

Many people actually create events and don't like to select particular friends and just simply invite their entire friend lists. This mean you might be living in new york and a friend of your cousin living in London is inviting you to an College picnic invitation.Likely, you are not going to attend it anyhow.

If you want to ignore all invites from these far flung friends, it is easy with few steps :

Step By Step Guide To Block Events On Facebook

Step 1: Visit the event you have got invited to attend.
Step 2: Click Decline right of the screen below the cover page of the event.
block events on facebook
Step 3: After you click decline, a prompt will appear asking you the reason why you can't go and below that field there will be a link, asking if you do want to ignore all invites from that friend in future . Just Click on Ignore Invites From [Name Of Your Friend] and press Post.
How to Block events on facebook
Step 4: A new window will prompt and click Confirm to confirm your action.

It will does not appear that you can block invites from your mobile.