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How do i change my Facebook name into my own language or different language (eg: Spanish, Chinese, Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Danish, French, Hebrew)
Facebook has introduced us with Timeline from though f8 conference in 2012 and till then we are adding more features that let its users to have more comfort and easy to use features with more understanding of it. Well since then they have made many changes to profile and news feed, pages, and design of the website.

Facebook have started to roll out language-specific names for members, that allowing them to be displayed in the native languages of a few countries and soon for rest of the world.

The social network explained that now the user's friend will see their names "in the way that is most natural for them" and it also specified the differences between language-specific names and alternate names as well.

So, what changes does the giant social network have made on language preferences:
Your name, full name, as it appears in different language.
Show in place of the name you signed up with throughout the website (on your timeline search results, photos comments and photo tags as well)
Only visible to the user's who is using Facebook in that language.
A different version of your name(don't worry they will keep the English one) like you nickname and maiden name.
Displayed in parenthesis next to your name, but only on your Timeline profile and search results.
It will be visible to everyone who visit your Timeline profile and search results.

How To Change Language Of My Name In Facebook Timeline Profile
Step 1: Go to your Timeline and select Update Info next to Acvitivy log.

Step 2: Now scroll down a little bit and find Basic Information field and click Edit.

Step 3: Now a popup window will appear on the screen now add the languages you know on the Languages field and click Save.

Step 4: Click at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Settings from the menu.
Step 5: Click on the Name section from your Settings Page.
Step 6: Enter your name as it appears in another language in the language-specific name fields
Step 7: Now Click on Save Changes