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Do you know you can change your background images, layout, theme, skin of your timeline profile on Facebook. Yes, you can do it easily and when your background is changed it look more pretty then the normal ones. You can add different types of background theme on your timeline but the image size need to 1920x1050. But Facebook does not allow it to do by it self. Which mean they do not have any direct option that you can change the background layout of your timeline profile.

Using different types of background change scripts or plug-in you can do it easily. We have latest the top plug-ins which allow you to do it. The add-on or scripts we have given below are safe because we have tested them and they works fine.
background for facebook timeline

(Cautions: Before using any plug-in or scripts from different websites please be sure they are safe or not)

Facebook Background Changer - For Google Chrome
If you are a Google chrome lover then you just love this plug-in. Because it is very easy to use and install as well. Simple to change the background of your timeline profile. This one is safe and tested. If you want to add this plug-in just CLICK HERE from your chrome browser and install the plug-in.

Facebook Theme Changer - For Google Chrome 
Another great plug-in for Google chrome that you can change your timeline background themes easily. This extension provides a gallery to allow you quick and easy access to available themes and styles to change your Facebook layout. Want to design and create your own? You can style Facebook exactly the way you want. Change colors, add custom backgrounds and more! Get this extension now

Facebook Background Color - For Firefox
If you are using firefox then this is one of the easy add-on that allow you to add your favorite color as your timeline background. Personalize your Facebook with the color of your choice! Change the background color of Facebook in a single click. Get this add-on now

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