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Do you know you can add all your life events and share them on Facebook. Bought a car, bought a House, Registered as an Organ Donor, Quit Smoking, Registered To Vote, Voted, Military Service, First Flight, Became a Vegetarian, movies you watched, places you visited, birthday you celebrated and many more. you can just simply add all of them one by one from your timeline profile.

Life events keep you remember the date of the events as well as let your friends knows about it. According to Facebook life events has becoming more popular day by day because we love to keep on tracking of our happiest moments (life events).

You can simply add your life events from Facebook life event feature from your timeline profile.
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Step 1: Go to your timeline profile and below your profile picture click on "What life events would you like to share?"

Step 3: Among the list select the event that you want to add and click "Next".

Step 4: Now enter your date, place, any additional comments and click "Next".

You can add all your life event details one by one just the same way as above.

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