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845 million monthly active users the largest social network Facebook. It has become more popular for its timeline, chat, videos, photos, apps, pages and many other features. Among them there is a new feature that allow you to add your friendship with a friend.

You can add a friend when you met, the place where you met, story about your friendship, photos of you and your friend. This feature allow you to remember your friend and your friendship and keep the friendship alive forever with the story about your friendship.
first met friendship on facebook

How to add first met with friend :

Step 1: Select your friend and go to his timeline.

Step 2: Now from your friends timeline hover over Friends and click See Friendship.
see friendship settings facebook
Step 3: Scroll down a little bit and start adding details of your friendship in first met. You can add who, it can be multiple person like a group met first time example: classmates. You can add date, month, year. Where do you guys first met. The story behind your friendship. Add photos of you and your friend. After you have done adding all details just click Save.
first met friend facebook

Step 4: If you can't find the first met on the page just click on Recent and select First Met from top on the right side and follow Step 3.
recent friend met facebook

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