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Anthony Ditrow a citizen of USA sued Facebook for fake likes about him. The website that is showing name of him, he claims that we even never been to that website.

Technical report on the website of the Senate, according to USA Today website Press of Colorado of the United States of Anthony Ditrow profile show a fake likes he has filed a case against Facebook. His claim, it has been used in order to increase advertising.

Ditrow complains, his name has been used for increasing USA Today's website popularity and likes. In November last year, Facebook sponsored ads were presented to him illegally.

Ditrow claims, he use Facebook account but he never beend to USA Today website even don't like that website and never pressed the like button on Facebook as well. But his name was shown on USA Today on like list.
Fake Like Facebook

This is against the law under Violation of California Civil and Business. Facebook said "They will provide compensation for the illegal use of his name.