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Today, Facebook just introduced the new chat bar to us. This time the new chat window is on the left side of the screen from the right side. There are more option and the color turned into deep black from light. Now all your privacy settings will be from the chat bar.

What is new in the chat bar and home look?
Well from the previous one had a small notification bar upper top of the friends online which has been removed in the new one. As we can see on the top the menus from the left had been added to the chat bar. There is actually not new changes it just the old once's organized. It actually turn the Facebook window to load more faster and smoother then before. So, if you have a lower internet connection speed then wit the new look of Facebook home screen will be perfect as it will load more faster then before.
Facebook New Look In Home And Chat Bar

Your new timeline tab has been changed from the right side to the upper top of the left side of the chat bar screen. You will soon seen more option as it is just first day. Rather then that a new post sign has been added upper top of the right side screen where you can post your photos and videos directly from your news feed home screen.

You can even now select particular news feed from the left side of the screen just below Home and Post button. Well you will able to select all news feed of your friends, Most recent, Pages and public figures, groups, photos, games, apps, music and more. That means you can now easily find out most recent updates of any of the pages you like , or games you play, only photos of your friends. It actually gives you a better look easy to find.

For using this new upgraded chat bar you will need to upgrade your flash version.

Stay tuned we will update more and better introduction to the new look of Facebook.