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Facebook popular game app candy crush saga has limited lives for the players or you have to pay to get more lives.While you are playing the most exclusive game Candy Crush Saga on Facebook you might have faced lives problems and need to wait several minutes or have to pay some extra bucks. You might get even stuck in a single level for many times due to less lives and waiting time. For all of that you are just too frustrated that everyone else is turning into.

All Candy Crush Saga game lovers just hate one thing in the game which is the waiting time for gaining a single lives. That actually makes a player mad about the game and few might left the game and come back again after certain time.You can also ask your friends for lives but that really doesn't work all the time.

candy crush saga facebook app  
Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Live
But do you actually want to wait that long ? well you are not. With just a few simple tricks you can actually get unlimited lives and as much as you want and play as long as you can.

Below we have added a simple tips that can give you extra lives without paying anything.

Unlimited Candy Crush Saga Live Cheat For iPhone, iPad, iPod - iOS
Candy Crush Saga iPhone screnshot
Candy Crush Saga iPhone - iOS

Step 1: Open your iPhone and tap on the settings.
Step 2: Tap into General from settings.
Step 3: Scroll down until you find the Date & Time and tap on it.
Step 4: Change the Set Automatically to off and then tap the time and set the clock in future. It could be few hours after or days.
Step 5: This will give you many lives. You can do the same after you lost all live again. But be sure after you are playing is done set the clock again to set automatically.

(Caution: You might get message regarding alerts just ignore them) . 

Free Candy Crush Saga Lives Trick For Android SmartPhones

candy crush saga android screenshot
Candy Crush Saga Android

Step 1: Go to your menu and tap on Settings.
Step 2: Now scroll down until you find Date & Time tap on it.
Step 3: Change the Automatic Date & Time and set it to off.
Step 4: Now tap on Set Time.
Step 5: Set your clock to next few hours or day to get more extra lives.

Now no more paying for Candy Crush Saga live. If its not working for you please feel free to let us know via comments.

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