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 The last time a year back Facebook introduced us with new timeline look and news feed. Now its time for new changes and they have come with it for us. If you are already have the feature of new design enabled you must have find what's new on it. But if you are not then you should start it.

 If you are lucky enough Facebook might already did rolled out the new design or look for you. But, for many users it has changes the look of the home news feed and everything on the home screen. There are actually lot of features you will have when you switch to the new version from the older one. You will have a fresh new look to your chat bar and your home screen of News feed.

Currently, Facebook didn't rolled out the new design for all of its users. But you still have option that you can join with them and start using the new look.Where you will have much benefits, load faster and smother, find everything easily, you can choose your news feed specifically what you like to see on your news feed and more features that can improve your Facebook experience.

So, how to switch the new design of Facebook
Step 1: Go this the Facebook New Look waiting list here
Step 2: Now scroll down till the bottom of the page and you will see a button named  Join Waiting List
How to Switch to new design of facebook
Step 3: Now wait till Facebook notify you when you will able to start using the new design Facebook.