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How to use two different pictures as profile pictures on Facebook in same account.
Facebook is a place with full of secrets inside. Among them one of the trick is you can actually let you divide your profile picture in two different pictures. Now that trick sounds like different but it actually working on Facebook for everyone. It is easy but will need a few time to setup this trick on your for making two different pictures for your profile picture.

This trick would be so exciting as you can see two different profile pictures and your friend as well. That could even shock your friends mind and made them to ask you How did you that ?

Well we have made a simple and very easy tutorial for you on both works in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

How Two Profile Picture Works:
  • 1.For your thumbnail before every post.
  • 2.One profile picture of your timeline.

Easy Steps To Make Two Profile Picture In On Facebook

Step 1: Go to your albums from Timeline on your profile and select Profile Pictures.
Make Two Profile Picture In Facebook
Step 2: Now select the picture that you want to make as your second profile picture.(Remember you can not use the current profile picture you will need to choose an old one) Now open the picture you like and copy the fbid from top of your browser URL bar. Example: 580555595342811
Trick to use two profile picture in facebook

Step 3: Now move back on your Timeline profile again and click Edit Profile Picture and select Edit Thumbnail....
Trick to use two profile picture in facebook
Step 4: Now a prompt will appear on the screen to drag your picture to perfect shape. From here just right click on the small profile picture thumbnail appear on the prompt window and select Inspect Element.
make two different profile picture in facebook
Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome Console:
Step 5: Now the console window will start on your browser (works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) with few code now start scrolling a little bit slowly until you find this line :
<form id="squareform" onsubmit="return window.Event && Event.__inlineSubmit && Event.__inlineSubmit(this,event)" name="squareform" method="post" action=""></form>
Two Profile Picture For Facebook

Step 6: Now click on the Expand icon just before the code start just like below images for both Firefox and Google Chrome:

Step 7: Now look for the line in the codes or search for this line
<input autocomplete="off" name="photo_fbid" type="hidden" value="103161913059697" />
Step 8: On the above line find the value field and double click on it to enable console editing now replace the code with the code you have copied from Step 2 (ex:580555595342811). Exaple : Old Value : 589121624486208  to new Value : 580555595342811) (Remember To Change Extact Different Values If You Put Same Value It Won't Change). 

Step 9: After you replace the code as above close the console and press Save button.
Facebook Two Profile Picture Cheat

Now you will have two different picture one for thumbnail for all of your updates and another one will be the profile picture of your timeline.