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How to root and unroot  (Jailbreak) for free of your android device easily and quickly.
You may have faced lot of limitation and restriction whenever with your original Android device. This could lead you to face many difficulties like you will not able to uninstall pre-installed apps or built in apps with android (Bloatware), you cannot change your phone as per as your comfort, you can not change the Android look by changing Boot screen,, you can not install Android update unless your phone Android update version is out on the market and many more issues that just limit your Android enjoyment.

After rooting your devices you will also have advantages like : Faster performance, Preserve battery life Attain admin level permission, Super user access.

If you just root (jailbreak) is the only option that let you removes all these limitations, you can even go with many more apps that even not recognized or authorized by Google App Center > Google Play. So it is very essential task to perform with your Android just like iPhone jailbreak.

When there are good advantage, you will have disadvantages as well. If you root your Android phone the first think that will going to happen it will remove your warranty agreement. So future you will not able to update your Phone. Except these there are not any other major disadvantages. So, as for suggestion you should root your Android smartphone after the warranty period expire if there is not any severe requirements.

You also have option to unroot your Android device and back to the original stage if you already rooted before.You might searching for some ways that you can unroot your phone and back or hide its root so that you can get advantage of your Android smartphone updates.

How To Root Android Devices (smartphone, tablets)
Step 1: Download a software - Kingo Android Root and Install it.
How to Root Android

Step 2: Now enable your device USB debugging mode from USB settings on your phone. If you are using Android 4.0 then just tap on Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging. (remember to keep Developer option On before you can start). If you are using Android 4.2 and later version then tap Settings > About Phone > Developer Option and tick USB debugging now just tap OK to save settings.
Kingo Root Android

Step 3: Now start the software Kingo Android Root on you PC and connect your smartphone via USB sync cable.Wait a few seconds, the former should show a connection to the latter.

Step 4: Now when the phone is connected click on ROOT button on your PC screen and wait till all utility does its thing. It will take around two minutes, including the automated reboot at the end.
Root your android devices
Now your device is fully rooted enjoy the benefits of rooting Android.

How To Unroot Android Devices (smartphone, tablets)
Step 1: From your android device download SuperSU or OTA RootKeeper app(you can also search and download it from Google Play from your device).
SuperSU root android

Step 2: Now after you completed the download install it on your device and if you are using SuperSU just tap on Full unroot. Or if you are using OTARootKeeper tap on Temp .un-root(keeps backup) if you just want to unroot your device temporary. If you want to do it permanently just tap on Delete su backup.
OTA RootKepper Android

Now your device is fully unrooted and you are back on your original Android mode.

All these software and apps are tested and confirmed as working fine for most of the devices. If you still facing problem for rooting or un-rooting your android device please let us know through comments.