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iPhone users just love to use apps, apps are the only thing that keeps a smartphone alive. Now take a look picture below and find out where is Facebook or Fivver app link or even Voice memos will you able to find it out.

Well i guess it took you more then 1 minute to find out what you are looking for ? even look at your own iPhone and find apps that you didn't used for a long while. You just going to flipping through screen after screen and lot of apps you don't remember using ?
iPhone million apps

You may very well be an app hoarder, just don't worry about it, i am going to help you here.

Below i will give you a step by step guide how you can create folders and organize all your apps.
Step 1: Select a single app that you would like to group into a single folder.
Step 2: Tap your finger on the icon until all the apps on the screen begin to twitch. You should see a little x bubbles on the upper-left hand corner of each of the apps icon. Do not touch those unless you want to delete any of the apps.
Step 3: Now keep your finger pressed on the app you would like to file way and move the icon toward whatever else you do like to group it with. Now just hold it on the top of the app you want to group it with until a new screen automatically pops up it could take a few seconds.
Step 4: Then the new screen will populate a title for the grouping, in this instance, it has deemed the two apps to be very generically Social, if you want to spice up the name of the folder, then just tap the x bubble on the right side on the screen and type the name whatever you want it to be Ex: Done
Step 5: Now you can just simply exit the new folder by tapping on the home screen button. Repeat the hold, drag, and drop until you have put all the apps you want into that folder.
Organize Apps in Iphone Folder

You can just follow these steps for other apps you have and can create different folders as well.