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You use your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad for different purposes. You might watch videos, play games, surf web, video calls and more. iPhone have all the functions you need in a smartphone even more then that. With all those latest updates. A new technology has arrived called 'iPhone Projector'. Well, this new projector will work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other HDMI output devices. Now you can just watch all your favorite movies and videos on your bed room wall in a big screen with just your iPhone and a small device called 'I 55 projector'. I55 has mainly designed for iPhone 5 but it will work with the older version like iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. i55 is a portable projector devices that you can just move it with your iPhone in your pocket. You don't need to have any extra bags for it.
i55 iPhone, iPad, iPod Projector

The project i55 works very smooth and it will turn all the images from your iPhone into a 60 inch screen. Not only that this device also have built-in speakers. The device will come with battery which will also charging your iPhone so you don't need to worry about charging your iPhone. Even this device comes with a HDMI port which can be used with any other HDMI devices. Even with your Notebook as well. So, actually you can use this device with any device with the HDMI support. Current market price of this device is $350 and only avaiable in Europe zone. Soon the company will launch this device worldwide.

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