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Shared album in Facebook means you are sharing your album with your friends. The friends that you are going to share with will also see the album in their album list. Not only that they will also able to control your album. They can add photos in the album, they can edit any photo, adding tags, edit details. So, the friend you are going to share will be a contributor in the album. Album might also appear on their timeline as well.

Facebook has made photo sharing more easier for you. As you can see now you have lot more options like photo album sharing and add your friends so that they can contribute on your album as well. Photos are most important for each of the active users of Facebook and it becomes more exciting like sharing a album.

So, we have made a very easy tutorial for you that.
How to Add A Share Album In Facebook
Step 1: Logging to your Facebook, go to your Timeline, click on Photos, and than click on +Create Album, Select all the photos you like to add and wait till upload.
Facebook Creating Album
Step 2: After you have done uploading all your selected photos. (if you already created a album previously just click on album). Now click on Make Shared Album.

Facebook Make Shared Album
Step 3: Now add friends that you would like to add as a contributor of the album inside Enter Friends Name and un-check below the box if you don't want your contributors to add more friends as contributors and Select your Privacy for your album that only your contributor can see the album or friends of contributor or public and then Save it.
Facebook Shared Album Settings
 Now you are done adding contributors to your album. Now you can do that with rest of your albums or to the new albums that you are going to add in the future.

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