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When you are going to buy something first think that you need to do is choosing the best and reliable one for you. Either its laptop or desktop computers you must need to know about hardware first. Then you have find some good deals like Dell vouchers on the market. But, there are lot more to know about a laptop before buying it. Because you can not open your laptop or choose different parts from different companies. To do so you will need to order directly to the company which is going to take very long time for delivery. Below we have added few tips you should know before you are going to buy a laptop from the market.

Choosing Window OR Mac:

Mac Or Windows
First need you need to know before buying a laptop is to choose your windows. Do you want a Mac Or Windows. Mac OS comes with Apple's companies laptop. If you choose windows then you can choose different products from different companies.But, if you are switching from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac please take your decision very carefully because they are not similar to each other.

Choosing the Right Screen Size and Weight:

Notebook Size And Weight
Before you buy a laptop you must have to think twice that for what you are going to use it. Do you travel a lot ? do you need to use laptop for official works only. Well, then you must choose 11 to 12 Inches laptops because they have light weight and small in size around 3.5 pounds. But remember the screen size and keyboard will be bit small then the regular keyboards.If you choose 13 to 14 inches then it will be a balanced laptop. These laptops usually weight between 3.5 to 4.5 pounds and fit easily on your bags. So, it can be fun to take them outside and easy because of its light weight. 15 inches laptop are the most popular one's. These laptops are quite bulky and heavy around 5 to 6.5 pounds, also cost the least.But for any part it is good for you. 17 to 18 inches are very heavy and it is good for the people who use laptop inside their house. If you don't have to take your laptop outside much then you should choose this one. Because for entertainment like watching movies its very good because of the screen size. Rather then that the keyboard is bigger so it will give you more comfort.

Choosing Perfect Keyboard And Touchpad:

Notebook Keyboard & Touchpad
Look at the keyboard carefully and does it have enough space. Does the touch-pad is smooth or operate or jumpy ? Do the mouse buttons have satisfying click, or do they feel mushy ? how well do multitouch gestures work ? you should be able to zoom in and out with ease, as well as select text with the touch-pad without the cursor skipping around. Be prepare to choose a good keyboard.

Choosing The Best Configuration For You:

Notebook CPU
 Choosing the best Specs is very necessary. Notebook specs such as CPU, hard drive, Ram, AGP (Graphics chip) can confuse.It will all depend on what you are going to do with the laptop. Firstly CPU, AMD E Series or Intel Pentium CPU's are the cheapest on the market.You can surf and use use regular software's like Microsoft Office. But for programming, gaming and entertainment you might face problems. You must need to choose at least Core i3 CPU or AMD A series. If you are budget is more than $500, demand at least an Intel Core i5 CPU, which is capable of increasing its clock speed dynamically when you need more performance. Power users and gamers should settle for no less than Core i7 system, preferably a quad-core chip. You can choose Core i7 for best result.Now you have to decide about RAM. Well, if you buy the cheaper once them you will get around 2GB to 4GB. But you have to choose a system which have 6GB to 8GB for best performance. you’ll be better prepared for high-end applications and lots of multitasking. Choosing the best Hard Drive, always remember a fast drive is better then large one. If you have a choice, go for a 7,200-rpm hard drive over a 5,400-rpm unit. Even if you have several movies and games on your hard drive, a 320GB should provide more than enough space, but 500GB or 750GB drives usually don’t cost much more. But now a days you can have 1TB or even 2TB hard drives with most expensive laptops out on the market.  Graphics Chip, For the most part, an integrated graphics chip (one that shares system memory) will be fine for basic tasks, including surfing the Web, watching video and even playing some mainstream games. But a discrete graphics processor from AMD or Nvidia (which has dedicated video memory) will provide better performance when it comes to the most-demanding games. Plus, a good GPU can accelerate video playback on sites such as Hulu, as well as speed up video editing.As with CPUs there are both high- and low-end graphics chips. Nvidia maintains a list of its graphics chips from low to high end as does AMD. In general, workstations and gaming notebooks will have the best GPUs, including dual graphics on the most expensive systems.Choosing the best DVD/Blu-ray with writers Drives for you. Now a days most of the laptop don't have optical drives. The reason behind it is you can download most software and stream videos from the Web. If you want to burn discs or want to watch Blu-Ray movies then you go for it, but if you don't need one of these drives and can save as much as half a pound of weight by avoiding them.At this point, DVD drives are a safety blanket.

Choosing Hybrid or Normal Notebooks:

Hybrid Or Normal Laptop
 After Microsoft finally launched Windows 8, now it seems most of the companies are launching bybrid laptop that double as tablets. For example : Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, HP Envy x2, Sony VAIO Dua 11. But hybrid notebook are more expensive then the regular one's.In most cases, these devices don’t provide as good of a slate experience as dedicated tablets or as strong of a notebook experience as clamshell only devices. If you like the idea of occasionally using your laptop in slate mode, a convertible like the Yoga is a versatile choice. But if you want the flexibility of using your device as standalone tablet, a detachable design is best.

Notebook Battery Life:

Laptop Battery Life
You need to choose a notebook that you can carry it and use it anywhere they want. Even in the bus, bed, roof or anywhere they want. But, you need to know about laptop's battery life because if you don't have battery support then you might have to stop working in a while. If you buy a laptop 15-inch size, then look for at least 4 hours of endurance. If you are planing to be fairly mobile then you should choose notebooks that offer more than 6 hours of backup time. But, if you choose a heavy laptop with more specs then your battery life will be less. If you have the choice that you can by an extended battery, then you must need to do it with just few extra bucks. If you refuse to do it you might regret later. Some Notebook's such as MacBook Air feature sealed batteries that you can not easily upgrade by your self.After you have choose one for you, than you search for some reviews from other people about the battery life. Don't listen to the manufacturer's word when it comes about the battery life. Just Google and search for reviews. Battery life depends on screen brightness and what tasks you are running. If you are running a video than it will consume battery faster than web surfing.

Notebook Budget:
Laptop Budget
Usually now a days with just $500 or even less than that you can get a Notebook. But if your budget is more than that, then you will get more strong and powerful system with longer battery life and sharper screen. $400 to $600 can give you a good notebook with an Intel Core i5 or AMD A8 CPU, 4GB to 8GB of ram with 500GB hard drive which is good enough for a user. But at this price point, most notebooks have cheap plastic chassis, low resolution screens and weak battery life. If your budget is around $600 to $800 then you will go with the premium once's. Such as metal finishes, manufacturers also start to add in other features as you climb the price ladder, including better audio and backit keyboards and lights on keyboard and around your notebook like Alienware. If your budget is above $800 then you will find a laptop with more features and specs. More battery life, powerful, higher resolution screens, faster processors, possibly discrete graphics, lightest, longest-lasting, ultra-portable's and more functionality. If you are a gamer then you must need to have a budget with more then $1500 to $3000. Then you can buy a gaming laptop like Alienware.

Choosing Best Brand:

Laptop Brands
If you want a good laptop then you must choose a good company. Because companies which higher reputation always try to give the best to their customers. Also accurate and timely technical support to their clients, this past year Sony cam in the first place, followed by Apple and Samsung. You can choose Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Samsung, Asus are the current best brands on the market.

Notebook Accessories:
Laptop Accessories
If you find a laptop with-in your budget and still you have some extra bucks on your pocket then you can go for few accessories. You can buy portable and small laptop Wireless Mouse, Wireless keyboards, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers,  Covers, Bags, External hard drive, Extra Battery and more.

Now after choosing best one for you buy it and take a good care of your laptop. While it depends on the brand and type of laptop, a laptop that is cared for well should last a good few years before you need to invest in another laptop.So, you must need to take a good care of it because its not only about the money its about your hard to work for finding the best of your choice.

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