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The number 1 and most popular social network with more then billions of users from all over the globe has upgrading all its features and adding more useful features on it. The developer are trying to give their best and give users more useful, reliable, attractive, fun and much more. Facebook has recently adding more feature then before as they are trying to give the users more functionality then any other websites are giving. So, now you have more options to do more things. Rather then that more apps are adding regularly which is more useful and fun such as games, photo apps, learning apps, fun apps and more.

So, we have decided share the top 1 updates which is very useful and new for users.

1. Editing You Status
Now you have the option that you can easily edit any of your status posts. It even doesn't matter when you actually post them. You can even edit a status which is 1 year old. This is a very useful function that Facebook recently added because now you can correct  your miss-spelling, if you have forget to add any text or people or location.
We have added a simple tutorial for you that how to edit your status post on Facebook.

2. Graph Search
Now Facebook is giving you the ability that you can easily find mutual stuffs with your friends. Even a place where your friends have visited too. A restaurant your friends have been too. Even you can find your friends photos, older photos, and much more.
We have added a more details about graph search Updates Facebook Made In Graph Search
A simple tutorial how to use Facebook graph search
And a list of phrases that you should know phrases for Facebook Graph Search

3. A new look to News Feed
Whenever we heard something like a new Facebook it becomes really interesting what it could be. The design the look and more functionality. Well, Facebook has recently changed its News Feed look. The menus are now more organized. Now the photos in news feed will be bigger and better to look. Now you can read stories more careful as it become bigger and better then before.
We have added more details about Facebook New Look Of News Feed

4. Chat Bar Updates  
The chat bar updates you might didn't notice that the mobile sign is changed. Rather then that if you get messages that you haven't read it from the friends in your chat bar will now show in the chat bar with counts. So, if a friend have send you 2 messages and you didn't read them yet. Then you will able to see 2 messages sign before their names. You also have the option to write a new message directly from your chat bar.

5. Adding Mood To Your Status
Now you have the option that you can add Facebook moods to your status. Well, if you are feeling sad then you can set your status with a mood "feeling sad" with a very nice emoticon or even emoticons that you like or even if you are listen to music. Well, that is really a fun feature that Facebook recently added.

6. Chat Stickers
Do you like to show big emotions smileys to your Friends but before it wasn't possible. But now Facebook has enabled a great Chat Stickers feature for Facebook chat users. Now you have the ability to send all the great collections of Facebook chat stickers with your friends and make them laugh.
If you don't know how to send stickers to friends check out how to send chat stickers in Facebook.
Our Custom Facebook Chat Stickers Collection.

7. Facebook photos
Photos are now more organized and easy to see.  Now when you go to your photos you will find out photos of you, your photos, albums and also not tagged photos of you. So, it has been more organized then before so you can easily find out what you are looking for.

8. Photos and Video uploads of Facebook
The uploading system has been upgraded. The newer version of uploading photos and videos are less bug free. Whenever you tried to upload photos in older uploader of Facebook it has some bugs and the uploading process wasn't success and in certain amount of period it just get hanged. Most of the time it was with the video upload. But now the issues has been fixed with the new uploader.

9. Timeline Covers
This is one of the interesting part of recent Facebook changes. Now you actually have your own banner for your profile. You can add your photos, or photo with your friends, your design arts even a banner and more cool staffs. Whenever someone visits your profile will see your cover first which makes the profile looks much better and different then any other social network profiles. There are lot of creative timeline profiles.

We have collected some great and creative covers for you lets have a look:
Popular Facebook Covers For Timeline Profile
Best Facebook Timeline Covers Collection
Unique Facebook Timeline Covers

10. Timeline Profile
Last and finally the great Timeline update by Facebook. At first it wasn't that important to users, and some of them haven't didn't like it at all because it was something very new to them and people used to with the old profile. Now Timeline profile has been more useful for the users and all the latest functions become more existing.
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