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With all those recent changes, Facebook has finally decided to change its privacy settings for Timeline profile as well. So, now user will able to look after for other people using the search bar. The old option that enter a name of a user and you will able to find out Timeline profile of that person. Now all users are searchable to any other user.

With the old privacy settings "Who can look up you Timeline by name?" was the only option that people able to hide them self from other people on Facebook that their name didn't appear in Facebook search result. But with the new Graph search option, Facebook has decided to turn off the privacy settings for users so that they will have benefits from Graph Search.
So, you might be thinking about the privacy settings because now it has become easier to find out anyone's Timeline. Well then the search option is only not the way that you can find out people on Facebook. There are so many other ways that you can actually find a people from Facebook. So, to be honest with you privacy settings is the only way that you can not hide your self anymore but atleast you can be in the safe side and protect your self.

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