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News from Facebook, has become one of the best source for people to find out current news. Facebook one of the largest social media have option to share and posts. So, news media's, journalists, agencies, people sharing every news through Facebook. If you are a active user of Facebook you don't need to go to different websites or read newspapers to know the current affairs happening. You can just sit and scroll down news feed to get the latest news as well as fun with your friends.

The News Feed of Facebook has become more popular because of this reason, people can see their friends update and latest news from the pages they like. Most of the newspapers, journalists have their own pages and whenever any news publish they post it over Facebook. So, when you are around Facebook you are getting all the news from the pages you liked.

Facebook has become more likely a news media. People are also love to share political issues, environmental issues, entertainment news, celebrities news by Facebook. So, you are getting the latest news from your friends as well.

A survey found that most of the newspaper, magazine readers are coming from Facebook rather then directly log on their websites. It is very important to keep an eye on news feed for any important matter happening.

It is not possible that you will go and search for all the news over the internet from different newspapers , magazines where you can find everything over Facebook just by a click on Like.   

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