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Well are you thinking that you can add audios or songs or any music in your cellphone or mobile videos. Well, that's an old story, other software can do it too. But JamCam App for iOS and Android is totally different then any other apps in market. Have you ever wonder, you are in such a situation that you would like to share with your friends and you wanted to share the music you are listen too on your iPhone a perfect song for the video but just because the sound from surroundings and other noises the sounds are not perfect. The music that you have got in your video is not perfect as you wanted it to bee. Well, JamCam app has build the solution for you.

JamCam app is a simply iPhone app lets you add the music you are listen on your iPhone without any surrounding noises. the video you record automatically adds the song you were listening to on the iPhone (as a raw file) to the video.You edit just like on Vine, by threading together various shots with a few choice taps of the thumb, and the app automatically adds in the music based on the same rhythm of your edits.

When you open JamCam at starting of the app they will ask you to switch the phone mode into landscape. Once you have changed the mode, you will get a notification of the song that you had been playing the song from bottom bar of the phone, now you can see a button on the right for recording video. Also on the left side, you have options for front-facing camera and using flash as well.

When you hold down the record button for video recording, the song will begins playing and stops when you will release the button. But, it has a limited time just like Instagram, 15 seconds only, to allow for enough of the song to play.The app only allows DRM-unlocked songs to work in the app, so founder Matt Loszak doesn’t get himself in trouble.Not only that you also have the option to share videos to Facebook, Twitter and instagram through a link or just save the video in your iPhone.

App Links:
JamCam App iTunes 
JamCam App Android

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