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The billion-plus social network Facebook updated its graph search recently. With more features and fun you can actually find lot more about your friends. You can find your friends common music between you and your friends, places they visited, photos of specific places, time based posts, status updates, picture older then months and lots more. This is a rare and new function that we haven't find out anywhere else before. Interesting and easy to find out more about your friends and about their past and what they have done. Firstly you need to know how you will able to use this function. Facebook has made this features limited for users and didn't allow everyone to use it. But using a simple trick anyone will able to use it.

So, below we have made simple easy steps that you will need to turn on your Graph Search and how to use it.

Step 1: Logging to your Facebook, and change your language or you can even do it in the login page. Select English (US) as your language. (This is important because Facebook is only allowing people who are using English (US)). For selecting language from logged in profile, scroll down the page and find copyright notice of Facebook and select click on the language just like below.
Step 2: Now your Graph Search is turned on. So just go search box on upper top of Facebook and type what you like to search about. Example: Friends visited new york, photos of friends older then 1 month, friends recently added photos) You can actually search for anything you like to know about your frineds.
 If you are using Facebook desktop version the you don't need to turn on English (US) language. You can simply do it. For any other apps and mobile app it is not turned on yet so mobile users will need to wait a little bit more.

If you still didn't find out what to write on the search box for best results well then we have listed most of the phrases that might help you click the below article.
Phrases for Facebook Graph Search

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