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Are you using Android Smartphones,Tabs and other devices, well then you must have Facebook apps (Application) on it.Well you can turn Off or On any apps automatic updates downloaded from Google Pay Store. Many times you may have face requesting update or automatically updating Facebook app on your android device. This is very irritating as because you don't like update of any apps without notification. But, you have option that you can turn off any automatically update on your Android device and this option is available for Facebook as well. 

Just Follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store app on your android device menu and tab on it.
Step 2: Now tab on the Settings
Step 3: In Settings tap on the Auto-Update Apps and choose whether you will like to turn off auto-updates on or off.

You can now turn on or off any automatic updates of any apps. This function will work for all the apps that you have on your Android device that you downloaded from Google Play Store.

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