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Facebook is a place where millions of people connecting everyday.You might face some troubles due to followers and people who have subscribed you. People who are following you can see all the post you made public. Even your photos, covers, status updates and others and there is no notifications or request for accepting or deny to it. Many of the people who are still having these issues are very frustrated. So now the question is how you can stop people to subscribe you or how you will find out who is following. You have two options, either you can select the people you don't like to stop following you or even you can just turn off the subscription option to them so that further they or even anyone else will not able to subscribe you. All you need to do is follow few easy steps to stop the subscriptions.

Easy Steps to stop followers to follow you :
Step 1: Logging to your Facebook and go to Settings from drop down menu.
Step 2: Now you can un-check followers or you can edit the settings as you like it to be. (If you uncheck followers then nobody will able follow you)

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