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The largest social network has added one more major feature in it called "Graph Search" 10 months ago. On that time they have announced the searching tool with limited ability. But after that they have finally release a finished complete version for the people using U.S English(US). When Graph Search was first debuted last January it was not really appreciative by the users.So, they decided to bring more function to it.Starting with making the search bar more noticeable to fixing up the algorithms. Some people might don't like the Graph Search function at all. They might thinking it is actually beyond they privacy protection and friends will able to find out everything. So, you might be one of them who dislike the function and want it to be turned off so, whenever any of your friend are using graph search they will not find anything related to you.But, remember you can cannot stop it completely.

So, we have made a simple tutorial how you can disable or deactivate Facebook Graph Search for your friends that they won't get any results includes you.

How To Disable Facebook Graph Search:
Step 1: Logging to your Facebook account and go to your Settings tab.
Step 2: Now select the Privacy tab and Limit Past Posts.
Step 3: Now click on Limit Old Posts and you will get notification Confirm it.

Now you are done, it will be not completely stop that your friends will not able to see anything though the Graph Search but still all your old post will be limited only to you.

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