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Facebook privacy is very strong but still people just want to go away from the largest social network or even you don't find it all that useful, or even it could be a reason that you are getting too many games invitations, FarmVille requests etc. If these issues are happening with you then, you might be consider deleting or deactivate your Facebook account.

How to deactivate your account
Firstly, you have to know if you deactivate your account what will happen. Your profile will be removed from the website and with all the posts you have made.Like your messages, friend requests, pokes and all that. But Facebook will still retain your data in case you decide to come back. You have the option anytime that you can come back to the website and reactive your account just by logging into your Facebook account as you regularly do.

So, to deactivate your account, log in to your Facebook account and select settings menu in the upper right corner (represented by a gear icon).

Secondly, select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.
Then in next screen select Security from the list along the left side of the window.Once you are there, select Deactivate your account toward the bottom of the page.
Facebook will try to guilt you into staying by showing photos of your Facebook friends, and then ask you why you want to deactivate your account. It means what is the reason you are leaving them. Once you tell Facebook why you don't want to stay and don't want to be friends any more. Just click Confirm button, and Facebook will proceed to deactivate your account.

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